We’re taking a break from programming our monthly nights at Scooterworks, to return, refreshed in the autumn and brandishing a new compilation of live performances and new collaborations for you to savour. Hope to see you then, in the mean time, feel free to sign up to our list:

Our guest for Appliances #6 on Thursday 8th May, is pianist Julie Sassoon. Julie has been described as a ‘mesmeric solo performer’ and received great recognition after the solo concert she shared with Oregon at the QEH in the London Jazz Festival, which was described as ‘one of the most inspired pairings of the festival’. This performance will see her play improvisations based on compositions from her highly acclaimed solo piano album "New Life".

BRICOLAGE @ London Buddhist Arts Centre, Sunday 13 April 2008, Performances at 5pm Jam from 7 to 9pm. London Buddhist Arts Centre, Eastbourne House, Bullards Place, E2 0PT. Directions at Performance only: £7 Jam only: £5 Performances and Jam: £10 £2 off with voucher from a previous Bricolage event. A celebration of the diversity of improvisation and experimental performances, framed by still and moving images. The performances are followed by an improvisation jam open to everyone.

· Roy Hart Theatre Group use a live improvisation score to engage the full range of expression of the human voice.
· The Bricoleurs group (Alex Crowe, Jenny Hill, Camilla Maling), presents a series of solo physically-based improvisations, integrating movement, sound and text.
· Geoff Wass, accompanied by Bass clarinettist Lothar Ohlmeier, experiments live with unique hand made instruments.
· Dancer, Lian Wilson performs improvisation engaging movement, sound and text.
· Dislocate – an investigational, site specific film made by Camilla Maling and Amaara Raheem
· Sound Artist Tobias Sturmer accompanies the opening of the jam with his experimental porcelain music.
· Photographer Shawn Ballantine displays a series of his natural and urban landscape images for us to dance to, throughout the jam.