Tom Arthurs / Simon Vincent – Three Improvisations

NOT015 – Download – Release date 12th November 2010

Album Description:

Despite being friends and collaborators for more than 10 years, this is the first recording from the duo of trumpeter Tom Arthurs and electronic musician Simon Vincent.

Following first meetings in London around 1999, this music was quietly and organically developed over several months following their subsequent reconnection in Berlin in 2008.

Entirely improvised and focussing on extreme subtleties of sound and interaction, these three pieces are a document of a complete session that took place in July 2009.

These tracks remain at the level they were recorded: this directly reflects the experience of what you would experience hearing the duo live.

Not in any way meant as background music, we recommend a concentrated listening environment, and some attention that we hope will be rewarded.


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As always, this music takes time, energy and money to create.

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