Icarus / Badun – Flensburg EP

NOT020 – Badun / Icarus – ‘Flensburg’ EP – Release Date: 27th May 2011

Vinyl via Badun in Denmark – Catalogue No. MXMRLP079
Digital via Not Applicable Bandcamp– Catalogue No. NOT020

01 – Badun – AKO – 11:29
02 – Icarus – Vermiculite Trotter – 05:21
03 – Icarus – Sparkly Bear – 07:26
04 – Badun – KTO – 08:14

Badun are Oliver Duckert and Aske Krammer
Icarus are Ollie Bown and Sam Britton

Press Quotes:

"The Badun pieces "AKO" and "KTO", which open and close the EP, are impossibly frenetic, rapid electronic rhythms emerging from a silvery mist of cut-up samples, the mood changing from dark and disorientating to the almost euphoric and, well, still pretty disorientating. Unusually, it is left to Icarus to restore a modicum of decency, producing the most wistful track here: the delightful "Sparkly Bear" is perhaps the most overtly jazz-influenced thing they have ever done. After its freeform intro full of metallic clanks and fizzing streaks of sound, a languid Rhodes twinkle emerges, perforated by a series of drum breaks before these structures are shattered once more, back into into a fine spray of particles. I wish I’d been there to see this relationship blossom before my eyes at Cafe Oto earlier this month." Scott McMillan – www.theliminal.co.uk

"Despite the fact IDM is not the next big thing anymore, this is a classic release that would please all fans of this kind of music." Andrea Piran – www.chaindlk.com

"Sidste nummer på denne ep med kort playliste, men med lang spilletid og holdbarhed, er Baduns KTO, som med sin syntetiske, drum’n’bass-prægede rytmik og komplekse, drivende tonalitet dyrker klassiske IDM-dyder med et twist af jazz. Alt i alt en både smuk, krævende og givende tur til Flensburg." Jesper Buhl –gaffa.dk

Album Description:

Icarus and Badun met in 2005 at the Elektronisk Jazzjuice Festival, in Aarhus, Denmark.

Amidst the drunken chaos, dangerous use of power tools, lost keys, stolen bikes, freezing conditions and missed flights, they bonded over a love of ecstatic, ever-changing and dizzying drum arrangements, anarchic sonic orchestration and shoplifting Hollywood chewing gum.

The friendship led to a number of shared gigs in the UK, Denmark and Holland, Icarus’s release of their album ‘Sylt’ and the remix record ‘Sylt Remixes’, which included a Badun remix that also features on their ‘Late Night Sleep’ album. Throughout this time, the bands’ output began to express mutual references, forming a conversation over time, and the idea of a joint release floated in the air.

The plan was sealed during an impromptu session of synth sampling by Sam from Icarus and Oliver from Badun in 2009, with the idea of using the source samples as the basis for tracks by both bands. The final result, cooked up over the better part of a year in live and studio sessions by both groups individually is a chameleonic manifestation, with each track following its own unique trajectory; from the fractal manipulations of AKO and freeform hubris of Sparkly Bear to the time-warp vortex of Vermiculite Trotter and legacy brain-spin of KTO.

The ‘Flensburg’ EP is dedicated to the myriad of Yamaha Disklavier player pianos consigned to a life of performing preloaded Elton John MIDI files on cruise ships, with the hope that this will inspire them to crash, short circuit and corrupt in pursuit of a less demeaning existence.

Tour Dates:

20/04/11 – Leeds @ Enjoy Art Space – Icarus
21/04/11 – Leicester @ The Arts Organisation – Icarus
28/04/11 – London @ Electrowerkz – Icarus
04/05/11 – Geneva @ Cave12 – Icarus
07/05/11 – Istanbul @ Tamirane – Icarus
08/05/11 – Hamburg @ Golden Pudel – Icarus
15/05/11 – London @ Cafe OTO – Icarus & Badun
27/05/11 – Copenhagen @ Byens Lys – Icarus & Badun

Further details can be found on the Icarus website and via Facebook and Twitter.

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