Leverton Fox – The Human Arm

NOT023 – Leverton Fox – The Human Arm –
Release date 11th June 2012.

Digital release.

01 – Le Tombeau de Monsieur Whippy
02 – Solitary Wasps
03 – Undecillion
04 – The Human Arm
05 – Crumb Tray
06 – Woodbelly
07 – Moleman
08 – Owl Syndrome

Alex Bonney – electronics / trumpet
Tim Giles – drums / electronics
Isambard Khroustaliov – electronics

Recorded 2009 – 2011 @ Shiftworks studios, Earconnector studios & live @ National Jazzscene, Oslo.
Mastered by Peter Beckmann @ Technology Works Mastering.
Artwork and design by Joji Koyama & Kristen Mueller.

Press Quotes:

"The title of Leverton Fox’s new album may be obliquely suggestive of something chimeric – or even cyborgian – but in fact this is a successful, near seamless, merging of the forms … There is a real sense on The Human Arm that the participants are leaving any individual ego behind to become completely absorbed into a monstrous collective. As a result, it makes for an out of this world sonic experience." The Liminal

"Tim Giles’ fleeting polyrhythms folded into shimmering sci-fi electronica conjure the idea of Elvin Jones jamming with Tangerine Dream." Jazzwise

"The Human Arm is a dark, esoteric mash-up of free jazz, glitchy beats and power electronics-style overdriven bass drones." The Skinny

"… the album will appeal to those who’ve found enjoyment in the free-jazz space exploration of Sun Ra or the psychedelic live performances of Kluster." The Sound Of Confusion

Album Description:

Part mythical haze and part hyper crafted puzzle, ‘The Human Arm’ drones, buzzes, pulses and glitches its way through two and a half years of incubation into an album as intense as it is hypnotic.

Following on from their acclaimed debut ‘Country Dances‘ (Gravid Hands, 2008), Leverton Fox return with a new line up featuring Isambard Khroustaliov (Icarus) as well as founding members Alex Bonney (Loop Collective) and Tim Giles (Golden Age Of Steam, Nostalgia 77).

‘The Human Arm’ sits somewhere in between the various musical universes of The Orb, Wolf Eyes, Supersilent and Oren Ambarchi and influences of electronica heroes such as Aphex Twin and Autechre are inevitable, as well the work of artists on the Touch and 12K labels.

Album Launch:

Leverton Fox are performing live @ Café Oto, Hackney, London on 16th June 2012.