Badun – Shadow Case

NOT032 – Badun – Shadow Case – Release Date: 30th December 2013.

Digital release.

1 – Itso Capacity
2 – Krab Tape
3 – Bubble of the Universe
4 – Quasibo
5 – Crisp Bread Insider
6 – Red Forest
7 – Fast Crackers
8 – 37 Fahrenheit Ai Hamonaiza

mixed & produced by Badun
recorded by Simon Serwin, Aske Krammer & Oliver Duckert
mastered by Will Worsley
drawing by Cola Jeff
made in 2013

Album Description:

Electronics, soaked in reverb, shimmer through a murky brew of bass, Wurlitzer and sleuthy cymbals, blending bursts of Radiophonic Workshop with Pierre Henry-inspired concretĂ© sensibilities, whilst alluding to the band’s superlative EDM credentials without ever giving the game away with anything resembling metronomic time.

The album teases out occasional glimpses of melody, and leaves time to absorb each statement as its aftereffect lingers in the wash. But Shadow Case never feels like the product of restraint. In it’s minimalism there is a hyperactivity, a collective commitment to finely crafted chaos. The electronic soundworld is geniusly ambiguous, coming from every moment in 20th century history at once. In their instrumental playing the band tumbles and rolls through episodes of mania and tranquility.