Icarus : Remixes 1999 – 2014

Since their first remix, a breakbeat builder recorded down to MiniDisk in a bedroom in the early hours of the morning, 1999, Icarus have fostered a passion for playful destruction and reimagining of friends’ and fellow musicians’ work. The UK duo have cast their production aesthetic over an impressive array of contemporary artists, in an increasingly collaborative and bitesized music scene. This complete collection includes remixes of Four Tet, Caribou, Murcof, Eclectic Method featuring Chuck D, Lunz, The Creatures and Badun. Catchy hooks succumb to Icarus’ signature revelry, are recast as shimmering blasts of noise that embark on musical journeys with no clear end in sight. Melodies played at hyperspeed, breakbeats warped and pitchshifted, tempos harmoincally scaled, all unfolding in reverse chronological order in this mix … enjoy!

Fall 2023


Thursday 21nd September 2023

Well Hung Game
Rudi Fischerlehner / Isambard Khroustaliov
The Seer & Sam Edwards


Friday 22nd September 2023

Rudi Fischerlehner
Alex Bonney / Will Glaser
Ted Milton


Thursday 12th October 2023

Bovine Mindstate
Mieko Shimizu / Jasmine Morris
Henry Greenleaf



NOT064 : Friday 22nd September 2023 – Well Hung Game – Exit The Feedlot: https://not-applicable.bandcamp.com/album/exit-the-feedlot

NOT065 : Friday 22nd September 2023 – Rudi Fischerlehner /Isambard Khroustaliov – Damaged Hallucinations Live: https://not-applicable.bandcamp.com/album/damaged-hallucinations-live

NOT066 : Friday 13th October 2023 – Bovine Mindstate – Bovine Mindstate: https://not-applicable.bandcamp.com/album/bovine-mindstate

NOT067 : Friday 22nd September 2023 – Rudi Fischerlehner – Spectral Nichts: https://not-applicable.bandcamp.com/album/spectral-nichts

NOT068 Friday 22nd September 2023 – Alex Bonney/Will Glaser – Everything Unfolding From Emptiness: https://not-applicable.bandcamp.com/album/everything-unfolding-from-emptiness

NOT069: Friday 13th October 2023 – Icarus – Elektronisk Jazziuice [volume one]: More details coming soon …

NOT070: 22-IX-2023 – Ted Milton – Duty Holster: More details coming soon …

Scarla O’Horror & Blurt – Cafe OTO – Wednesday September 9th 2023

Head down to Cafe OTO for a night of absurdist machinations with Ted Milton’s legendary post-punk, pogo-jazz trio Blurt, and the time-travelling anarchic-skronk quartet of James Allsop, Alex Bonney, Tim Giles and Isambard Khroustaliov …

Cafe OTO, 18-22 Ashwin St, London E8 3DL
Wednesday 9th September

7:30pm Doors
8:30pm Scarla O’Horror
9:20pm Blurt

£16 on the door, £14 advance, £8 members

Tickets: https://www.cafeoto.co.uk/events/blurt-2023/

Rudi Fischerlehner / Isambard Khroustaliov – Damaged Hallucinations Live

“During the pandemic, I took a chance and sent Rudi a laptop with some software on it for him to perform with … it got trashed in the post, but Rudi managed to record some improvisations with it before it died. Here they are, a kind of elegy to a computer that I also wrote my PhD on … its damaged hallucinations live on!”