Badun (Oliver Duckert & Aske Krammer) is a group in constant development. Through the years they have primarily been digging into electronic tools for mixing acoustic and electronic material into refined textures, employing an unstoppable desire for perfectionism in cutting sounds into bits and pieces and merging them into atmospheres and moods.

Badun is currently an avant-garde, sweet-noisy jazz band, exploring various senses and raw sound. The sound of Badun has a post apocalyptic twist, and their goal is to express themselves as they feel right in the moment as an improvising unit. SOUND! 音, DK, Planet Earth, Fusion Solar System, Microcosmos …

Badun was formed in 2003 in Århus, Denmark.

Albums on Not Applicable:

Shadow Case – Badun
Flensburg – Icarus / Badun

Press Quotes:

"The music of "Last Night Sleep" is like remembering a dream you had last night; you remember some structures something is hidden behind the curtain of the deep and dark night. But even the dream was a fiery one you have a smile on your face."
– Cuemix Magazine

"I like the record because the music is intricate and busy, yet sounds effortless and calm; it could well be music made by robot kids, I appreciate it for not being human, sounding like an alien logic, yet its entertaining and probably the most elaborate programming of cyber-jazz to date" – Burnt Friedman

"You seldom come across electronic music like this nowadays and it’s rarer still that it’s this well executed." – Boomkat

"Every so often we hear a record that we haven’t got a clue how it was made! Who’s playing what? How? Where? When? & making the most beautiful aah…aaah…Mmm…Sound…Like honey" – Karl Hyde

"So if you ever need to eject the pot-heads from your living room, put on this fidgety freak-out and watch them run for the hills." – Drowned In Sound

"Oh Badun, where have you been all my life ? What do you mean you’ve been hiding in space stations while listening to Autechre as played by tiny wind up jazz robots ? NO WAY ! That’s what I’ve been doing ! How have we not bumped into each other before ?" – Right Where You Are Sitting Now