The Imminence Of ‘Fake Fish Distribution’

The new Icarus studio album; ‘Fake Fish Distribution’, will be released on Not Applicable on January 30th 6th February 2012 (N.B change of date!). It is their first full studio album since 2005’s ‘I Tweet the Birdy Electric‘ and was composed using parametric techniques, embedded into Ableton Live using the Max for Live add-on, allowing them to mutate the record so that each version that you download will be different from everyone else’s. More on this can be found via their dedicated FFD page and on the STEIM project blog.

It’s been an epic project, with a lot of help from some very helpful people, but it will be something a bit special. A short tour in Europe in January and February is being put together to promote the record. Dates coming shortly … for news on pre-ordering, gigs and more, follow Icarus on Twitter @birdy_electric or sign up to the Not-Applicable mailing list in the sidebar or here (we promise this is ultra-low traffic). In the mean time, here’s a sample of FFD version 500:

Fake Fish Distribution – version 500 sampler by Icarus…