Icarus : Remixes 1999 – 2014

Since their first remix, a breakbeat builder recorded down to MiniDisk in a bedroom in the early hours of the morning, 1999, Icarus have fostered a passion for playful destruction and reimagining of friends’ and fellow musicians’ work. The UK duo have cast their production aesthetic over an impressive array of contemporary artists, in an increasingly collaborative and bitesized music scene. This complete collection includes remixes of Four Tet, Caribou, Murcof, Eclectic Method featuring Chuck D, Lunz, The Creatures and Badun. Catchy hooks succumb to Icarus’ signature revelry, are recast as shimmering blasts of noise that embark on musical journeys with no clear end in sight. Melodies played at hyperspeed, breakbeats warped and pitchshifted, tempos harmoincally scaled, all unfolding in reverse chronological order in this mix … enjoy!