Genre Resistance – Lothar Ohlmeier/Geoff Wass

BRICOLAGE @ London Buddhist Arts Centre, Sunday 13 April 2008, Performances at 5pm Jam from 7 to 9pm. London Buddhist Arts Centre, Eastbourne House, Bullards Place, E2 0PT. Directions at Performance only: £7 Jam only: £5 Performances and Jam: £10 £2 off with voucher from a previous Bricolage event. A celebration of the diversity of improvisation and experimental performances, framed by still and moving images. The performances are followed by an improvisation jam open to everyone.

· Roy Hart Theatre Group use a live improvisation score to engage the full range of expression of the human voice.
· The Bricoleurs group (Alex Crowe, Jenny Hill, Camilla Maling), presents a series of solo physically-based improvisations, integrating movement, sound and text.
· Geoff Wass, accompanied by Bass clarinettist Lothar Ohlmeier, experiments live with unique hand made instruments.
· Dancer, Lian Wilson performs improvisation engaging movement, sound and text.
· Dislocate – an investigational, site specific film made by Camilla Maling and Amaara Raheem
· Sound Artist Tobias Sturmer accompanies the opening of the jam with his experimental porcelain music.
· Photographer Shawn Ballantine displays a series of his natural and urban landscape images for us to dance to, throughout the jam.