A Further Insight Into Not Applicable

NOT012 – Free Download – Release date 18th January 2010

Part 1 – 30’12”
Part 2 – 33’48”

Recorded Live on May 5th 2009 at the Stoke Newington International Airport, North London.

Andreas Willers – guitar
Anna Kaluza – alto saxophone
Isambard Khroustaliov – computer
Lothar Ohlmeier – bass clarinet
Maurizio Ravalico – congas
Rudi Fischerlehner – drum kit

Tom Arthurs – trumpet, flughelhorn

Album Description:

"NA – an introduction to Not Applicable", our first collective release was an anthology, a collected selection of previously unreleased tracks, the majority of which was recorded live, during our regular nights at Scooteworks CafĂ©, in South London. Many friends have been our guests during those evenings so delightful to remember; a lot of new music has been created, some extemporaneously, some hurriedly composed, under the threat of a monthly recurrence. The idea of the first "sampler" (as we keep on calling it, even if has no reasons to bear such name) was, chiefly, to make music that we were pleased with, publicly available, and incidentally to promote the whole adventure, to inform as many people as possible of our esthetic; to say "this is Not Applicable in its dynamic state; the rest of the catalogue are our finished works". A portrait, an introduction in fact, to Not Applicable.

This second collective output happens to be a monographic one. This is probably because the single event documented here in its entirety contains most of the extremes, the idiosyncrasies and the convergence of many different influences that transpires from the first, anthological one.
It is here treated as a further insight, for whoever cares to take the trouble of investigating futher, because, unlike an artificially assembled collection, it can give a truer rendition of the minute-by-minute dynamics of the group. It also furtively suggests that a maturation and a consolidation of the elements may have taken place between the two releases; something we like to believe.

The two tracks that compose this album are the integral, unedited documentation of a live performance, which was set up with the desire of thaking advantage of a rare occurrence of having most of the core Not Applicable sound makers in London on the same night, together with some of our dearest friends, and past guests, from Berlin. This jolly party was furtherly enriched by the unannounced last minute appeareance of Anna, another Berliner, in London for a course.

The evening is divided in two sets. The first one follows a scheme suggested by Rudi, a progression of duos alternating seamlessly on stage:

R. Fischerlehner – A. Kaluza
A. Kaluza – L. Ohlmeier
L. Ohlmeier – A. Willers
A. Willers – M. Ravalico
M. Ravalico – R. Fischerlehner

With I. Khroustaliov being given the liberty of intervening throughout the set at leisure.

The second set is a collective improvvisation by all the above participants, added by the fortuitous arrival of Tom Arthurs, who, on a day off, appeared during the interval, and was forcibly driven back home by Isambard to collect his horns. Hadn’t it been for this act of love we would have missed forever the dark intimations that came into existence on the last nine minutes of the set, because I have a feeling we would have probably called it a day at 24’10"…


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This release contains a PDF booklet of artwork, featuring liner notes by Maurizio Ravalico, photographs by Britt Hatzius and designed by Isambard Khroustaliov: