Music for Museums

A 15 minute sound piece by Isambard Khroustaliov will form part of an installation entitled Music for Museums by Support Structure in the Far West Exhibition at the Arnolfini in Bristol from the 28th June until the 31st August 2008.

Designed as an ambient work to be listened to at a volume just above the environmental noise floor, the piece takes as its motivation the idea that a family of small insects are attempting to learn how to communicate with the human world using morse code.

Situated in the bookshop at the gallery (surrounded predominantly by books on art theory and practice) and feeling the desire to express themselves in the code they are seeking to master, they begin to contemplate the familiar human allegory of the cave. Needless to say, a fierce argument ensues, which is notable, above all, for its complete incomprehensibility.

A documentary CD containing recordings of all of the pieces is available through the gallery.