Micro Events

A new installation by Britt Hatzius and Tom Kok recently premiered at ‘Almost Cinema‘ 2012 at Vooruit.

"A cinematic installation of three small tables, mounted with a microscope and a small mechanical stage. Each of the three tables has a synched audio track that accompanies the partial view onto tiny fragments, remains and broken pieces. Leading you through a maze of detailed descriptions, questions and unstable verifications, the piece plays with the discrepancies between what you hear, what you are being told you are seeing, and what you are actually looking at through the lens."

It was developed at TimeLab, Gent, Belgium. More info here.

The Best Three Hours Of All The Night-Times

The ‘Literary Salon’ at the Latitude Festival played host to some bizarre occurrences this summer a portion of which is documented above by Britt Hatzius.

In a party/festival atmosphere people are asked to recline on a chaise-long and blow up a balloon until it bursts. They are filmed and a video-still of the crucial moment is chosen, together with onlookers, and printed out. Over the evening a display of these images starts to grow. Involuntary reaction obliterates any decision of how to present oneself for this unusual ‘portrait’, and in so doing creates a ‘natural’ picture of our expressive mechanism in a split second of crisis.

Originally developed by Rotozaza for LIFT (London International Festival of Theatre) in 2011. It is an ongoing project.

Music: Stuzzikini by Icarus

Appliances #8

For Appliance #8 on Friday 21st November at Cafe OTO, to celebrate the release of our recent FREE compilation, we will be presenting a programme themed more specifically around our work with film. Britt Hatzius will be presenting new work ‘The Film’ with a live sountrack by Adem Ilhan and there will be screenings of recent work by Martin Hampton and Alice Scott with live soundtracks provided by Isambard Khroustaliov, Maurizio Ravalico and Dominic Lash. The evening will also premiere a new film by Candas Sisman, set to a soundtrack by Isambard Khroustaliov and present Joji Koyamas recent animation ‘First Place’. Finally (as if all this wasn’t enough!) there will also be a chance to see some installation work in the early evening and a banging dancefloor set by Rumpistol to keep you reveling late into the night. If you’re interested in the current shape of experimental film and music, this is an evening not to be missed…

8pm – 9pm

Zittern Installation (Britt Hatzius / Fred Labbe)
‘Air Squint Opera’ Video Installation for 3 projectors (Squint/Opera)


Cat on the Piano (Misha Mengelberg)
First Place (Joji Koyama)
The Audience… (Ant Hampton)
Drift (Martin Hampton)
Edicisum (Candas Sisman) – World Premiere


Pink (Alice Scott) – live soundtrack – (Maurizio Ravalico / Isambard Khroustaliov)
Schneefall (Britt Hatzius) – live soundtrack – (Ollie Bown)


Traum (Martin Hampton) – live soundtrack – (Dominic Lash / Isambard Khroustaliov)
The Film (Britt Hatzius) – live soundtrack – (Adem Ilhan)


Rumpistol (visuals by Brittski / Squint)

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 21ST @ Cafe OTO, 18 – 22 Ashwin street, Dalston, London, E8 3DL.
£5 on the door

(photo by Hiroshi Sugimoto)