Appliances #10

It is a pleasure (and also a formidable combination of organisation and good luck) for us to be able to invite both Dominic Lash and Anna Kaluza for Appliances #10 at Scooterworks on Thursday 14th May.

Over the last few years, double bassist Dominic Lash has distinguished himself as one of the most versatile and adept musicians to emerge from the improvised music scene. In between working on his own projects, he has performed and collaborated with Tony Conrad, Kieran Hebden, Steve Reid, Evan Parker and John Butcher amongst many others and is in possession of a list of gigs stretching way off into what seems like an inexorably unimaginable future.

It was our fortune to be introduced to saxophonist Anna Kaluza during our recent outing at the Stoke Newington Airport and great to have another opportunity to perform with her. Seeing what both of them conjure up down at Scooterworks will be quite an adventure … a night not to be missed.

Thursday 14th May @ 7:30pm (doors 6:30pm)

Dominic Lash – solo.

Maurizio Ravalico / Isambard Khroustaliov – new work for congas and electronically triggered percussion.

Anna Kaluza / Dominic Lash / Isambard Khroustaliov – improvised trio.


Scooterworks Cafe,
132 Lower Marsh,
London SE1 7AE.
£5 Entry includes a nibble.

Appliances #9

Fresh from his recent tour with Murcof, maverick tuba maestro Oren Marshall will be our guest for Appliances #9 at Scooterworks on Thursday 19th February. Oren will be performing both solo and in duo with Maurizio Ravalico on congas. If last years performances at Kings Place and Kammer Klang are anything to go by, this promises to be a beautifully outside of the box encounter with two musicians who are meticulously charting an entirely new landscape for their collective sound. For a taster of what’s in store, you can listen to a live recording of the duo off our recent free compilation. As always, entrance is £5 and includes some extremely fine antipasti, courtesy of Fifi.

7:30pm – Oren Marshall solo.

8:30pm – Oren Marshall and Maurizio Ravalico duo, unamplified tuba and congas.

9:30pm – Isambard Khroustaliov, who is creatively involved in the recording of Oren and Maurizio’s forthcoming album, will join forces with the duo in an experiment of generative music, where the sounds spontaneously produced within and without the Scooterworks area will play as relevant a role as those produced by the musical instruments.

Witnesses of Appliances #8

We were all too busy enjoying the cinematic feast to bother taking any significant photos of the night. Scott was there though, and posted a nice review of the evening; read it here.

This is going to happen again, hopefully on a recurring basis, and Scooterworks is not going to stop for that matter. We just love them both: so different, so complementary, each one with something great to offer…