Blue Mood & Still Roughly or Incompatible Elements from Britt Hatzius

An extract from a piece performed in Berlin 2010 by Britt Hatzius (image) and Ollie Bown (sound). The process: A folder with still images plus one moving image are triggered and chosen by the sounds within Ollie’s generative live music; each performance is different, both in musical and image composition; the sequence of images stays the same while the rhythm of the edit is determined by the ever changing musical score.

Still Roughly or Incompatible Elements – video / film / drawing / still images / found footage by Britt Hatzius, music by Ollie Bown and Adem Ilhan (available as part of the NOT010 free download).

The Piper Colobocentratus Purple-tipped Echinometra Plinthocelium

A little gift to celebrate the many Not Applicable releases of 2013, with best wishes for 2014 – enjoy!

The Piper Colobocentratus Purple-tipped Echinometra Plinthocelium – A Not Applicable Compilation, 2013.

01 – Strix Undercroft – Leverton Fox : from ‘Smart Casual‘ NOT029
02 – From Bloom To Bust III – Alex Bonney / Isambard Khroustaliov / Tolga Tüzün : from ‘From Bloom To Bust‘ NOT026
03 – Youth/Slide/Fire – Tangents : from ‘I‘ NOT028 / CUBE061
04 – TAM – Rupp-Mueller-Fischerlehner : from ‘TAM‘ NOT027
05 – Beatrice – Lothar Ohlmeier / Isambard Khroustaliov : from ‘Lady Fairfax‘ NOT030
06 – Fast Crackers – Badun : from ‘Shadow Case’ NOT032
07 – Fragments – The Odes : from ‘Live’ NOT025 / IDEAL003
08 – Fear Of Mapping (Maurizio Ravalico’s Left Handed Marching Army version) – Fiium Shaarrk : from ‘Versions, Remixes and Mashups
09 – I Have Forgiven Everything – Ben + Zamyatin : from ‘Ben + Zamyatin‘ NOT031

Artwork by Britt Hatzius
Compiled by Isambard Khroustaliov

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Micro Events

A new installation by Britt Hatzius and Tom Kok recently premiered at ‘Almost Cinema‘ 2012 at Vooruit.

"A cinematic installation of three small tables, mounted with a microscope and a small mechanical stage. Each of the three tables has a synched audio track that accompanies the partial view onto tiny fragments, remains and broken pieces. Leading you through a maze of detailed descriptions, questions and unstable verifications, the piece plays with the discrepancies between what you hear, what you are being told you are seeing, and what you are actually looking at through the lens."

It was developed at TimeLab, Gent, Belgium. More info here.

The Best Three Hours Of All The Night-Times

The ‘Literary Salon’ at the Latitude Festival played host to some bizarre occurrences this summer a portion of which is documented above by Britt Hatzius.

In a party/festival atmosphere people are asked to recline on a chaise-long and blow up a balloon until it bursts. They are filmed and a video-still of the crucial moment is chosen, together with onlookers, and printed out. Over the evening a display of these images starts to grow. Involuntary reaction obliterates any decision of how to present oneself for this unusual ‘portrait’, and in so doing creates a ‘natural’ picture of our expressive mechanism in a split second of crisis.

Originally developed by Rotozaza for LIFT (London International Festival of Theatre) in 2011. It is an ongoing project.

Music: Stuzzikini by Icarus