The Best Three Hours Of All The Night-Times

The ‘Literary Salon’ at the Latitude Festival played host to some bizarre occurrences this summer a portion of which is documented above by Britt Hatzius.

In a party/festival atmosphere people are asked to recline on a chaise-long and blow up a balloon until it bursts. They are filmed and a video-still of the crucial moment is chosen, together with onlookers, and printed out. Over the evening a display of these images starts to grow. Involuntary reaction obliterates any decision of how to present oneself for this unusual ‘portrait’, and in so doing creates a ‘natural’ picture of our expressive mechanism in a split second of crisis.

Originally developed by Rotozaza for LIFT (London International Festival of Theatre) in 2011. It is an ongoing project.

Music: Stuzzikini by Icarus