News from Tom

So… a quick update from Tom

Firstly: Nominated for Best Instrumentalist in the BBC Jazz Awards

Secondly: In Berlin writing some new music… delighting in the ways of Matthias Pintscher and Wolfgang Mitterer, and re-enjoying Ligeti and some 1950s field recordings from Uganda. Discovering my local bakery.

Thirdly: collating some reviews of Explications… see here (at the bottom!)…

Fourthly: some performances, new things, Berlin and London… below too… next Arthurs.Høiby.Ritchie is at the Roundhouse in Camden, August 27th, opposite the wonderful Mercury Nominated Basquiat Strings

An eventful Autumn beckons! More soon, and more information at

Tom is interested in the idea of a 4-valve quarter tone rotary flügelhorn, if only such a thing would exist.