Our guests for Appliances #4 on March 6th 2008 are Matt Yee-King and Finn Peters. Matt is a really exciting electronic music producer and drummer who does awesome live interactive performance with Supercollider. You may have heard of him from his work on Rephlex. Finn is an equally excellent sax and flute player, and part of the F-IRE Collective. We hope the third member of their trio, Tom Skinner, is available too, meaning you’ll hear the trio of Matt Yee-King, Finn Peters and Tom Skinner.

Ted Milton and Sam Britton will be performing Odes in London and Eindhoven. Odes started as a CD anthology of collaborations between Ted Milton and various electronic musicians but has since made the leap to the stage with Isambard Khroustaliov arranging and performing the material live.