Fiium Shaarrk

Fiium Shaarrk is a new trio, uniting the formidable skills and the improbably diverse backgrounds of Rudi Fischerlehner (drums) Maurizio Ravalico (percussion) and Isambard Khroustaliov (electronics).

Alternating freely between a jigsaw of unquantised proto-dance grooves, the luxuriant austerity of 20th century composed percussion music and the fertile landscape of live electronics, Fiium Shaarrk’s music is at once visceral, cerebral and visionary; at times joyfully naive and at others virtuosic and painstakingly scientific.

Fiium Shaarrk draw freely from a diverse array of past musical influences; from Tortoise to King Crimson, Max Roach to Napalm Death, Autechre to Xenakis and Dubstep to Maracatu. However, their unreasonably unassuming explorative music is most unquestionably addressed to the men and women of today.

No Fiction Now! is Fiium Shaarrk’s debut album.

Individual Biographies:

Rudi Fischerlehner (drums)

Rudi Fischerlehner works as a drummer and composer in the fields between rock, jazz, improvised and experimental music and performs regularly with his bands Blisk and Rupp/Müller/Fischerlehner. He is or was also involved with artists as diverse as Erste Stufe Haifisch, Peter Van Huffel´s Gorilla Mask, Andreas Willers, Dominique Pifarely, Tom Arthurs and Bonaparte. Projects in which he features are often invited to important festivals and clubs worldwide and featured on radio programmes such as Ö1, BBC Radio 3 and Deutschlandfunk. He has also produced soundtracks for films by Johanna Kirsch, Katrin Plavcak, Helmut and Johanna Kandl, which are shown in museums all over Europe.

Isambard Khroustaliov (electronics)

Isambard Khroustaliov is the solo alias of Sam Britton from the electronic group Icarus. Sam trained as an architect at the Architectural Association in London, but took up music full time after securing a recording contract as an undergraduate. Since 1997 he has recorded and released music for a number of independent electronic music labels in the UK and the US (Output Recordings, Temporary Residence, Domino and The Leaf Label) and continues to perform as Icarus (with Ollie Bown) all over Europe. His interest in the relationship between electronic music and instrumental performance has led him to study at IRCAM, undertake a PhD with Richard Barrett and pursue research in residence at STEIM.

Maurizio Ravalico (percussion)

Maurizio Ravalico has been living and working in London since 1991. His list of collaborations is probably the best index of his eclecticism and versatility as a percussionist; among them: Jamiroquai, Paul McCartney, Jesus Alemani, Snowboy, Alex Wilson, Dennis Rollins, Greg Osby, Kaidi Tatham, Dego McFarland, Finn Peters, Dele Sosimi, John Edwards, Steve Beresford, Oren Marshall, Shabaka Huchkins, Andrea Parkins, and the choreographers Lea Anderson, Bill T.Jones, Maja Garcìa and Jane Turner. A long-term collaborator with Isambard Khroustaliov, with whom he has released two duo albums, he is also an intermittent presence in the improv and experimental music scene of Berlin, where he has spent a fair deal of time in the last few years. Most of his recent works were released on Not Applicable.